Black clip cord covers

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SPECIAL DESIGN – New tattoo clip cord covers roll design can be cut to any length you require.
Comes in box with dispenser opening for easy and clean access.
The products size is 50 x 0.35mm.
1 roll is 250m (820Ft)..
PRACTICAL FUNCTION – The clip cord sleeves cover your clip cord and help to maintain a sterile workstation, provide protection when working across the body for large areas.
Protect your cables against cross-contamination..
HOW TO WORK – Clip cord sleeves works by going over the wire of the cord, creating a barrier for blood, ink and other dirty crap from getting onto the wire.
Prevent the allergy and inflammation or other bad and undesirable consequences that are caused by the tattoo ink..
USE ADVANTAGES – The tattoo clip cord covers can effectively reduce the noise when the tattoo machine is working and having a barrier method for the wire.
Great quality, easy use, hygienic and helpful, the best one tattoo supplies for artist.

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