Överdrag, 1″ Knurled Silicone Grip Cover (25mm)

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1” Knurled Silicone Grip Covers, fit on 1” tattoo gripsAvailable colors, Black and RedSilicone Grip Covers are made using a high-quality, Silicone non-porous, auto clavable rubber. Their 1/4”(6mm) thickness creats a soft cushion between your fingers and equipment and will effectively absorb machine vibrations, helping reduce the strain on your hands muscles and nerves.

100% Autoclavable — Withstand  heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

100% Silicone Non-porous, no tare formula

100% Environmental protection materials — Safe , Clean and No bad smell.

Easy-off, easy on.

Knurled and Ribbed Grips —-Allow you to better grip.


1/4”(6mm) thickness , 2 1/10” (53mm) length

This size grip cover that fit on 1” tattoo grips.

Covers add 1/2” in size to your grip.

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